Female Pop Vocalists to Watch Out For

Every once in a while, I hear a vocal that makes me want to move. — Go, be, do, dance… whatever! Here are 4 female indie-pop vocals that I just simply had to bless you with!

GRAACE – “21st Century Love”

Vocally, this is such a perfect pop melody – smooth, sultry, solid. The chorus is also chock full of great little niblets of yumminess, with its dynamic change and the addition of that low-end. The chorus really is anthem-like and extremely well done. This is a great commercial sounding song that will be a great addition to any pop playlist.

Nina Soro – “In Case I Never Told You”

If you want dynamic, rich, textured vocals then Ms. Soro is your new queen. This may be one of my favorite new voices I’ve heard in a while now. Lyrically, this song is stellar with excellent storytelling qualities. The song hits when it needs to and breathes when it calls for it. This is an excellent pop gem and I cannot wait to hear more of what she can do vocally!

Asmik – “Nice”

Pop and Electro often go hand in hand and this song really is the perfect marriage of both genres. Rooted, compelling vocals paired so beautifully with the right beat, the most genuine lyrics, and a vibe that you can sing/dance along with. The vocal on the chorus that goes up on the word “nice” is also very, well… nice! I loved it!

Dominic Sen – “What It Is”

I absolutely love the layered BGVs throughout this song almost as much as I love the bluesy/Motown-esque bass line. Holy crap, is it fun! This song gets better as it goes on and it certainly makes an impression. It’s got great highs and lows, great nuance, and some extra bits to give it some edge. This is definitely your new jam. It’s certainly mine!

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