Let’s get some indie pop excitement!

Jillian Francis – “Won’t be you”
-This is a relaxed track in the opening, but stick with it. The energy really takes off. If you listen to the lyrics, it’s about confronting reality and deciding to move on from someone. If you’ve ever been in the position where you had to move on from something or someone, this song will resonate. It might not be handclappy or have everyone dancing, but it’s a really inspiring and meaningful song with a beautiful lead vocal.

Jordan Lindley – “You for her”
-Jordan Lindley seems like the kind of artist who can really speak truth in lyrics. I love the approachable style of his lyrical delivery. It’s like you sat down to have coffee with a friend and he’s just telling you how it is. I really like the dynamic of the guitars on the break. The whole vibe is as much comfortable as it is engaging. “She’s got me thinking maybe love wasn’t what I thought it was…” What a line! I’ve got my eye on Lindley. This kind of lyricism and clean writing doesn’t come around very often.

DEYO – “Can’t shake you”
-When I tell people I like indie pop music, this is what I mean. I mean a song like this one by DEYO, that has this infectious energy. Sure there are elements of rock and pop here, but it’s mostly the vibes after the break. The lyrics, oddly enough, are bluesy. But the whole composition isn’t just some sort of brooding lament. It’s like this celebration of how much it hurts to love someone. Been. freaking. there.

Dan Moxon – “Playing with fire”
-Check out this syncopation. Ya heard? I love the vibe of this song. I can’t help but think of some of the people I grew up with – not that we played with fire – but that era of life just seems befitting of this song. I love the quality of the writing here. Moxon seems to write these timeless lines from 80s sitcoms, yet at the same time brings this passionate energy to the lyrics as well. I didn’t know much about Moxon before this track, but I’ll tell you he’s on my shortlist from here on out. Just listen to those KEYS bro!

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