The Voice’s Alexa Cappelli Excites with Upcoming EP

We don’t normally cover larger-outlet type artists, but when I heard these two introductory tracks from Alexa Cappelli’s new EP, I knew I had to do something! Now, I admittedly don’t watch much of The Voice… (Which I think may shock some) so, I’m choosing to write this review solely based on the music, and not on any biased understanding of who Ms. Cappelli was on the show. These tracks definitely spoke for themselves!

The first song is heartwarming and adorable and certainly the more commercially recognizable of the two. Vocally smooth and full of some great character, this song is a great easy listen. Musically, it’s full of some great little nuances, especially in the electric guitar.

The second song is actually my favorite. It’s a great pop gem with some great electro bits and pieces. Vocally, it’s strong and nuanced, with some amazing BGVs and layers. The musicality is stellar, the lyrics are relatable, and the overall impact is strong. This is the type of song that I will gladly sing loud and proud in the car or shower. It’s definitely yummy!

I look forward to hearing more from her and I hope you do too.

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