Hard Working Indie Weekend Jams

Alexa Rose – “Like A Child”

This North Carolina songstress has an incredible sound that beautifully embodies the heart of true country and Americana. Sharing the stage with the likes of Jessica Lea Mayfield and The Wild Reeds, Rose is due for her own spotlight now with the release of the heartfelt “Like A Child”. With remnants of a Joni Mitchell style dynamic, we were pleasantly at home with her inviting talent.

Hollis Brown – “Do Me Right”

If you like hard working rock acts with a New York ethos, then this is your act. Being at it for awhile now, Hollis Brown are the working class rock act who win respect easily by all wherever they go. “We really feel like the last of the great American rock bands,” vocalist and guitarist Mike Montali explains. “When you play rock music it’s always kind of a hurdle to not be considered a retro band or a throwback band because somebody is always trying to put you in a box or define you. You’re always compared to another artist, another band — who are great, sometimes, but they’re…old. I think we want to make a statement that rock music can still be done in a modern way that is still as good as some of those acts from the past.

Wayfarer – “February”

After a decade together, the rock act with punk leanings are serving as a sort of elder statesmen with their newest Reckless Spring album. The Ontario act showcase a mature sound that still has all the heart and passion of their beloved early recordings. We don’t know many people who will not deeply respect and appreciate where the band is currently. They are endearingly blue collar and as sharp as ever. Look for the new self-released album toward the end of October.

Noah Gundersen – “Lose You”

While we appreciate all that Gundersen does, we find ourselves longing for some of his earlier work. It’s selfish, we know. Yet, with his new album, Lover, he has somehow found a beautiful middle ground between what he has done before, and the future of both his art and the current climate of music. With electric elements, he almost uses them to remind listeners of a more ’80’s style songwriting while showcasing some of his trademark reflective lyrics. The result is intriguing and soul gripping.

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