Electro Treasures to Excite You!

frogi – “Moonlight”

With similarities to Katie Herzig, I was instantly intrigued, however, she proved herself to be her own force once I listened more. It’s got one of the most interesting beats and rhythms I’ve heard in a long time… and let’s be honest in the Electro/Pop world… a beat, is a beat, is a beat, is a beat… am I right? The real magic happens after the 1:55 mark when she adds layers in the beat, adding more rhythms and builds the vivacious sound… then ending on such a beautifully performed, executed, produced vocal outro. It’s a great addition to any playlist, whether in the car, at home, or stuck in an airport. I’m not stuck in an airport currently… but I have been, and a song like this would have made me feel way better about it.

Raised by Dinosaurs – “The Void is Me Devoid of You”

A bit of a darker Electro piece, I was into it from the first listen, but the musicality on the second half of the song is genuinely fantastic. It’s then when I decided that you all needed to hear it, too! The guitars on this song are something quite magical and I really loved that with an Electro/Pop song, they took the time to add such musical layers. Around 3:15, it almost takes on a whole new genre and even feels like it transports you back in time… but not in a bad way. It’s a journey that I’m so down for! It’s got some great lyrics to boot, making this song a fantastic boundary-pushing piece of Pop music. Also, that’s a stellar song title… who doesn’t love a stellar song title?

Wesley – “Phantom Feeling”

Vocally, it’s yummy, yummy in my tummy. Yeah… I said it. Also, when the beat drops in that chorus, I feel that deep and I appreciate an excellent, well-timed, well-executed beat drop. The lyrics are dark, guttural, and full of feeling. The music is somber, yet refined, leaving you feeling something very cool. I can’t actually describe the feeling… which I think is the beauty of this song! It’s mysterious, say… like a PHANTOM FEELING? See what I did there? Right… because it was awesome, much like this song. Listen, love, then listen again.

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