Baby Jane: Pop For Those Who Hate Pop

LA artist Baby Jane has a sharp and confident electro pop sound that rises above the genre. Her sound is big, brash, and dare we say, ballsy. The 18 year old songstress draws listeners with her mature pop lyrics mixed with a modern production. She draws on many influences without feeling plastic or overly sentimental. “Bitch” might be the most radio ready as it floats through hip hop beats. It is just pop enough to be engaging, yet indie enough to bring more pessimistic fans to her fold.

I love the juxtaposition between good and evil” she says, “I’m not going to write your typical love song“. 

The music of Baby Jane is described as resting somewhere between Lana Del Rey and Post Malone, and while we can hear the similarities, we think she has a big enough sound and skill set to embark on her own pop territory. Listen for more from her this coming fall as she steadily releases singles 

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