Top 25 Indie Rock Blogs for 2019

Welcome to the 2019 edition of this list. Before you all start cursing about what blog is or is not on this list, please keep in mind we take blogs under three criteria: frequency of coverage, depth of coverage, and overall design appeal. If you find one here that you enjoy and start to follow, drop them a line and tell them who sent ya!

1) Get Into This UK – – If you are looking for regular updates of indie rock music, Get Into This UK is the place to go. It’s been at the top of this list for a few years because of ongoing quality. If you are looking for brilliant visuals and impressive consistent content, give them a follow.

2) God is in the TV Zine – – Throwing it back to the old school “zine” days, this site has some really cool material. It’s much more of an “underground music” style, which marches to the beat of its own drum. We love that the site continues to have a fresh new look while harkening back to the roots of blogging and underground music.

3) MP3 Hugger – – MP3 Hugger might be one of the most unique sites we’ve found doing these ranking articles over the years. They feature incredible music regularly, including a healthy dose of indie rock. Spin these tunes, friends, because this site is definitely worth your visit.

4) Indie Is Not a Genre – – Aside from the name being one of my favorite phrases in the “business,” the site has consistent coverage across genre lines. It’s a fun website worth visiting for their unique take on the music industry. I even think the simple layout pulls me in and makes me want to click more than some of the bigger, flashier layouts.

5) Indie 3- – Indie 30 has a unique layout and content distribution surrounding their own top song list. If you are looking for playlists (and a bit less writing), this is the site for you. There’s plenty to follow and discover with the curation of Indie30.

6) Euphoria Zine – – EZ is one of the sites that crosses over into a physical magazine as well. The website serves the magazine. That said, we admire what they’re doing. The writing and artwork both show off professional chops; this is not another hobby blog.

7) Come Here Floyd – – We’ve featured this site on our lists over the years because of a consistent standard of excellence. If you are looking for indie rock that is willing to take risks, listen to some of the choices from CHF. If you sort by Indie Rock, this site will keep you busy for days.

8) Indie Obsessive – – Indie Obsessive has a vintage blog vibe to it that will make you long for the days of the earlier Internet. The blog is clearly the work of a passionate individual. You’ll want this one on rotation if you’re serious about finding new music.

9) The Line of Best Fit – – The LBF looks amazing. Honestly if this list was on design alone, this blog might be number one. That said, the whole collection of indie rock on this site is really interesting. Covering everything from shows to full reviews, this site has the depth you want.

10) Rock the Pigeon – – Rock the Pigeon has a plethora of coverage. It’s hard to keep up with the level of coverage here, but if you can follow it you’ll be the most knowledgable with you friends. This is a blog for the people who always want to know the scoop in the music world.

11) Music Savage – – This website features a radio show… or does the radio show feature this site? Either way you slice it, this is a blended world. The blog has consistent new content and has a really nice, clean design. The variety of music is welcome.

12) 3 AM Revelations – – If you are looking for consistent coverage and something new every day, follow this site. I also think the name is pretty great because (even though not THAT late), I get a lot of my best blogging insights late at night.

14) xKira Music – – I’ve been really impressed with Kira Music over the years. It feels a lot more like a conventional blog than some of the “zine” styles featured here. This site has thoughtful coverage of many styles of music, but they do include indie rock.

15) This is not a drill – – This site may not cover as often as some other sites, but when it does the content is powerful. The image of the drill at the top is also really interesting. The full branding and style of the site is an all around worthwhile follow.

16) Overblown UK – – When you look at this site you see all manner of rock music. It’s great to see a site that features different versions of such an iconic style of music. The layout is clean, the coverage is quality, and it’s one of the best all around sites we found.

17) Keep Walking Music – – If we’re honest, KWM actually covers more R&B than rock but it’s JUST SO PRETTY. Honestly the overall style of the site is absolutely engaging. If you’re looking for more variety than straight indie rock and enjoy visually stimulating layouts, check out this site.

18) Sodwee – – For full disclosure let’s just say I’ve gotten to know Sodwee a bit through a service we both use called SubmitHub, but honestly he didn’t pay me to put his blog on here. From the sleek design to the pointed writing style, Sodwee earned this spot with top notch coverage. It does help that he’s a cool dude in the industry, but the blog is worth checking out on its own merits.

19) Surviving the Golden Age – – This site has a cool layout and thoughtful writing. I enjoy the concept of the Golden Age, contemplating who we are and the time we are alive. It’s definitely a unique site worth your attention.

20) Nu Sound – – When I first found this one, I wasn’t sure about the “news” element. Is that really what a blog is about? But then I clicked on a few of the articles and realized that these are legit journalists. Interestingly they offer all sorts of music industry services, but do a nice job of featuring a wide range of artists and trends in the industry.

21) Rock Metal Punk – – RMP is one of the most unapologetic blogs out there today. It’s all about the hard stuff with these guys. There’s plenty of coverage on well known and underground bands, so if you like to rock out put this blog on your rotation.

22) High Clouds – – If you consider yourself a music “junkie” then High Clouds is for you. They don’t focus on just rock, but in their ample coverage of the industry they do cover the genre well. It’s a unique site with a very polished and professional vibe.

23) Various Small Flames – – Astute followers of ETTG will know we also ranked this blog for folk music. What gives? Well, they have a delightfully eclectic taste in music like we do. But we dig the format and style overall. The choice of tracks is varied and the writing is consistently good.

24) The Sonic Blender – – This site has it all. As you might imagine, the title gives away a rather intriguing mix of sounds. With a focus largely on punk and psych rock, we like following this blog for sounds outside of our own more traditional take on rock. It’s definitely a unique corner of the blogosphere.

25) Obscure Sound – – If you are looking for a traditional blog format with straightforward offerings, Obscure Sound is perfect for you. The layout is as clean as it gets. The moniker of “obscure” works well too as the curators definitely look for some creative, off-the-beaten-path choices.

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