New Videos From Noah Gundersen, Run River North, and Girl In Red

We still think a lot of the music video. In recent years, the art behind the often weary form has seemed to wain. We get dozens a day to peruse and while many float by without leaving a lasting impression, we do find many that deserve to be appreciated and celebrated. Here are a few:

Girl in Red – “I’ll Die Anyway”

If you have children (or any semblance of a heart), this one will punch your soul. The Norwegian artist shows what we assume are home videos of her throughout her life. These scenes are intimate, endearing, and sort of heartbreaking. The single that serenades the video works as a powerful contrast. “I’ll Die Anyway” is an existential pondering of death and purpose. The overall piece is extremely powerful and for us, we were affected for long after each viewing. Her sound is very engaging and fits in nicely with the current state of music.

Noah Gundersen – “Lover”

Of course we cover all things Noah Gundersen on this site, but his recent releases have been particularly intriguing. With a surprise new album on the horizon, his first single “Robin Williams” is a return to an earlier form. “Lover” shows another side to the artist, one that is almost more electronic but still subdued. The artist showcases his shirtless canvas of tattoos in a romantic setting. This track took us awhile to grow on us but like all Gundersen does, it is thoughtful and genuine. We always know that the track will be worth it in the end as we dissect and digest his slow burning art.

Run River North – “Wake Up”

The band are in an interesting place career wise. After being praised and lauded as an endearing indie folk group on their first LP, the band has continued reinventing themselves with each passing day. There are few acts like Run River North, and they will continue to surprise us with the release of tracks like “Wake Up”. The track is lively and fun which regardless of genre, are trademarks of the act. They always find a way to be a few months/years ahead of their time, and this video is no different.

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