A Rich, Textured Weekend Playlist

It’s been a long week for me… and chances are it has for you too. Aside from laughter (and maybe merlot), the best medicine is really great music. Your prescription is to listen to these 4 tracks, relax, and be healed, friends. (Family. Acquaintances. Whatever.)

The Harmaleighs – “Dim the Light”

Soft, angelic vocals lead you into the realms of glory here. It’s beachy, enchanting verses give way to a dynamic chorus. I love a good ebb and flow, a well-executed crescendo and descrescendo. It’s energetic and simple all at the same time, and a great addition to your new music playlist.

Otto – “Boxer”

What an excellent grab-bag of genres and sounds here. It’s pop, but also a little folky, with some rock tidbits… and yet it’s a very solid, well-written song. It sports some great lead vocals with beautiful tone and quality and the harmonies are also very pleasing. That falsetto after the chorus is a morsel of delectableness. Like, yes… please! It’s a fun, encouraging, and engaging. I loved it!

Honors – “Pain”

Arguably the most pop of this pop-inspired list (at least in the beginning), it’s a satisfying mix of synth, track, and stellar vocals. The chorus is something truly majestic, with the abrupt addition of the guitars and resonant vocal. It is a journey and one you won’t regret taking. The hip hop aspects towards the end of the song are also excellent and well written/performed. It all was so great together and even with its individual, intricate nuances, that I had to include it on this list. Just listen… you won’t regret it.

Ivan & Alyosha – “Everybody Breaks”

I’ve been a long-time fan of Ivan & Alyosha since my Nashville days and they never disappoint. Honestly, we will most likely cover their new album coming soon, but until it’s released, here’s a great track to wet your whistle. (That’s a strange phrase… but I digress.) One of the things that this band does with excellence is with their full, robust vocal style. They love to play with layered vocal sounds and it’s so well-done every time. A pop-rock anthem on its own with great lyrics and a fun sound, this is a great introduction to what we will get to hear from them soon.

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