Talented Indie Rockers The Racer Impress With “The Greatest”

Monroe, New York act The Racer has switched gears after an already impressive career. After releasing three full-length albums, including their 2016 Kickstarter funded GIANT which was produced by Dan Hannon of Manchester Orchestra fame. In the current musical landscape, the grinding act are preferring to release self-produced singles continually instead of full albums. If current release “The Greatest” is any example of future endeavors, fans can eagerly wait for some of the best work the band has done.

The five-piece hum with chemistry and intention on “The Greatest”. Building a wall of sound, the keys and guitar echo lay a foundation of incredible indie rock goodness. Vocally, we think of the whispered parts of acts like Snow Patrol, yet more experimental and even seductive at times. The track makes us think how good they would be if they went the way of post-rock, trading in lyrics for longer instrumentals. The Racer are a skilled enough band that they could carry diverse listener attention into creative sonic fields without compromising talent or authenticity.

This is a rare act. Look for more from them in the following months.

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