Subtle Pop Treasures for your Chill Weekend

Want to go on a Pop journey with me? We’ll start on the up and up… serve you some great vibes. Then, do you want to feel some feels? Cool. Me too. After that, it’s time to dance it out. Just close your eyes, move those feet, and enjoy the ride, BABY!

GG McG – “Boom”

This is a genuinely joyful and clever pop song, with its layered synth intricacies, simple-yet-interesting vocals, and great lyrics. GG McG (great name, by the way) is using her smarts and her talents on this gem. It’s familiar without being boring and it’s tender without being stale. I think we will see and hear more from her in the future!

Vaughan – “Living People”

Sylistic in the most transparent and quiet way, this song is equal parts serene and powerful. The lyrics are genuine and heartfelt, the vocals are gorgeous, and the piano is charming. The cream of this crop is the ethereal BGVs layered behind the lead vocal and it’s truly lovely. This was such a pleasure to listen to and Vaughan is definitely on my radar!

Stefan Alexander – “Medicine”

Want something a little bit more uptempo, but staying within the sentimental and delightful theme, then I give you this fun and entrancing song! The lyrics are fun and the vocals poignant and smooth. The falsetto is truly inspired and ya’ll know I love me a good falsetto. Ummm, yas. Yas, please.

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