Baby Jane: : : Electro Pop Songstress Ready to Break Out

LA artist Baby Jane has a sharp and confident electro pop sound that rises above the genre. Her sound is big, brash, and dare we say, ballsy. Her ability to seduce and empower is perfectly captured in “Benchwarmer”

 “I love the juxtaposition between good and evil” she says, “I’m not going to write your typical love song“.

The music of Baby Jane is described as resting somewhere between Lana Del Rey and Post Malone, and while we can hear the similarities, we think she has a big enough sound and skill set to embark on her own pop territory. “Beautiful Mistakes” is a track we can definitely hear on a top 40 station, while still having enough indie cred to be placed on our favorite non-pretentious indie station. Her sound is diverse and lively.

Baby Jane is an artist that demands a listen (or a dozen) and we look forward to hearing more throughout the next few months from the extremely engaging and talented artist.

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