Pop Gems So Good, You Could Put Them On Your Finger

It’s friggin’ hot outside, ya’ll. You won’t “cash me ouside” today… but you WILL catch me inside, jamming to these magnificent pop/electro gems. (Oh, that reference is old news now? Well… tough! I’m using it and you can’t stop me!)

Baker Grace – “Sad Summer”

I mean, the lyrics start with “Staying in the shade, it’s getting way too hot”… how could this NOT be the first song I feature on this list today? This song features a fun, Prince-esque sound with great layers of synth and flair. I love the juxtaposition of the joy-filled music but lyrics displaying words like “sad, sad summer” and the melancholic idea of seeing everyone else in love around you. Brilliance of color and melody and wit.

Yam Haus – “The Thrill”

This is a yummy pop ditty with a great vocal to elevate its overall power. Glittery and nuanced, this “whodunnit” sounding pearl is a great addition to your summer pop playlist. There are great synth hits throughout and a stellar bass beat, but the bridge is the real hero here. The calypso-drum with the vocal prowess is fantastic. The snaps after with the spoken word following the bridge are also quite inspired. It’s a great way to end a song and change it up to allow some freshness in an otherwise boring pop world.

Lani + Dani – “Vibrations”

The gospel-layered vocals that start the song are truly joyous and delicious. Vocally, this is the best on this list today. I was pulled in instantly with both the main vocals and how they are polar opposite sounds but together create a rich, luscious, pleasing sound. Musically, it’s fun and uptempo without being tired or trite. Overall, this is a terrific pop tune!

Eden Warsaw – “The Sunrise”

As the only YouTube video on today’s list, we have a great song with some great visuals, we well. This isn’t as obvious of a pop song as the others today, but it does carry a lot of its genre weight with the extra indie rock extensions. All that being said, it’s a great sound with some darker edging and a really great husky vocal. Ok, I like husky vocals, so what? Lyrically, it’s stylistic and on point. As far as great listening goes, this is the cream of the crop.

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