LA Artist Defoe Defies Genre and Impresses on Debut

LA artist Defoe is as diverse as she is talented. The young jack of all musical trades combines numerous styles, while bouncing between almost every genre imaginable, to produce engaging tracks that give all listeners something to love. Her background is just as diverse as her sound. After producing and composing for movies, Defoe finally decided to record her own album. Her album Too Soon to Cry was written, recorded, and produced by herself. She is an impressive force of artistic nature.

The new tracks were mixed by the legendary Bruce Sugar who worked with artists like Ringo Starr and Joe Walsh while earning Grammy nominations.

Defoe is no cookie cutter artist..” shares Sugar. “To the contrary her music is both dark and playful, textured with cinematic sounds, earthy real instruments, and intricate layered vocals. Her lyrics tell stories that compliment the mood set by her interesting musical soundscapes. Do yourself a favor and have a listen to this unorthodox musical artist.

The first track we heard was the sultry “Picture”. The track is carried by a dark guitar pulse, while the artist croons in the key of Garbage. There is an almost ’90’s style to it, while nodding to some of the great female artists of the era.

“Oceans” is a mellow and beautiful piano driven ballad that showcases the artist’s vocals. There is a space crafted in this track that is nostalgic and incredibly dream inducing. Again, much different than other tracks crafted by Defoe, yet undoubtedly her.

“The Road to El Paso” is a dark outlaw country track that is incredibly compelling. It is a nice flip on the typical male narrated murder ballad where the guilty artist kills, drinks, and feels the inner turmoil of a criminal act. This could easily find it’s way onto a Tarantino soundtrack.

Defoe is a rare artist with a vast sound and talent. We highly suggest you explore Too Soon to Cry with an open mind and little expectations. It will surely engage you on every level, while taking you to some interesting musical places.

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