Sara Phillips: Sincere Indie Pop For the Rest of Us

Sara Phillips is back with inspiringly mature pop vibes. The young songwriter has continued to impress us – who for the record, are typically cynical of all things “pop”. “Mine” is undoubtedly a track that would fit into any major radio station or Billboard chart, yet it has something that much of the genre is missing – heart. After covering her for a few years, it is encouraging to see her start to gain much deserved attention with her continued emotive and engaging work. Three years after her EP Sea Change (the title should give you some indication as to her diverse influences) the artist has continued to grow into an established talent worthy of recognition. Her genuine spirit combined with a gritty work ethic will only serve to catapult her to the top of the indie pop genre.

The subtlety of “Mine” shows a rare pop restraint while the dark undertones showcase Phillips’ maturity. We cannot get enough of this track and eagerly wait to hear more from the spirited artist.

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