Noah Gundersen is Back With Emotive “Robin Williams”

“There’s a couple things i’m sure of, and a whole lot more i’m not” laments veteran Seattle songwriter Noah Gundersen on his latest (and perhaps one of his best ) single “Robin Williams”. The track works as a snapshot of an artist in transition yet assured in his craft. If you have followed us for any period of time, it will fail to surprise you that we need to cover the new track. Noah has been a mainstay on ETTG through the years, through changes in style and persona. The one constant has always been his uniquely talented voice. While his last two albums have been a change from the original songwriter we fell in love with years ago, we have found his artistic growth refreshing.

With “Robin Williams” Noah Gundersen seems to be going back, while still proceeding forward in his expression. With a surprise new album on its way, we are eagerly awaiting what he has to say and the near brilliant mode he chooses to share.

Check out the newly minted video below. Like the artist, it is unapologetically straightforward and beautiful.

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