The Best Indie Rock We Heard This Week

Sea Girls – “Damage Done”

The UK rockers have a strong talent for building danceable and raging pop rock beats. “Damage Done” could easily find itself on advertisements, soundtracks, and your favorite playlists. A track that beautifully captures a love lost, the track carries throughout with a pulsating energy that is completely enthralling and captivating. Sea Girls could be the next big thing in indie rock.

Royal Oak – “White Lies”

The sound of Canadian rockers Royal Oak are impressively endearing. From the first introduction, the band’s chemistry shines through – which comes from years of friendship. The band fires on all cylinders on “White Lies”. The creative songwriting and clever lyrics make this a band to watch in the months that follow. Their high energy is what might just set them apart from the crowd.

The Fangs – “Beauty Sleep”

This is one of our favorite new acts. The mix of styles in the sound of The Fangs is what sets them above other acts. Upon a few listens, listeners can hear post punk, indie pop, and straight rock remnants. The band plays with energy and optimism, both are a needed commodity in this day and age. They will be writing and recording more this year, so we fully expect to see these talents further explored and sharpened. Of course, we will share as they do.

All The Rest – “Backburner”

How can you not immediately love this act? Calling them indie rock is perhaps too restrictive for a band that is as comfortable in post punk as they are in dance pop. Perhaps this non conforming style is why we dig the guys so much. Their talent for making engaging, and sometimes hip shaking, music is rare. “Backburner” is a compelling piece of expansive sound that is sure to intrigue and delight.

Twin Oaks – “Lakes”

This one drips with a dreamy floating sound we love. The duo has recording together with different acts before doing what they are doing now, which we must admit, is pretty soul stirring. The chill vibe of the act plays like War on Drugs meets Phantogram. The act recently released See You When I See You, which they produced themselves. After a few impressive EP’s that garnered national attention, the act are sure to continue to break out with their latest.

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