UK Rockers Revolvers Nod to the Past and Wink to the Future

We all grew up listening to our parents’s music, Bowie, Stones, Zeppelin, The Beatles. My home as a young boy was full of vinyl records and music playing all the time,” explains James Thurling, lead singer of UK rockers Revolvers. These influences make sense with a quick listen to the fuzzed guitar rock and vintage soaked vocals of the band.

“Rubbing Shoulders With the Devil” is a fairly straight forward rock track – playing on territory traveled previously by Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes. Yet, there is something refreshing and exciting about the act. Yes, like many acts, they seem to wink at the legends that came before, but then again, how could you be a rock band and not be influenced by Zeppelin and the Stones? Revolvers rely on their talent and passion, and in the end, become uniquely them. Fresh and full of baddass rock energy, the guys know exactly who they are and listeners are better because of it. Their chemistry is palpable and their talent undeniable.

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