Conversing with Oceans Are Back Weaving Mature Electro Dreamscapes

If you have been reading us for the last few years, you will not be surprised at our glowing coverage of Conversing with Oceans. The project of Alex Bondarev, has slowly leaked out impressive singles with an undying sound of hopeful optimism. Alex’s story is interesting on its own. As a child, he fled Russia after civil unrest, moved to India before ending up in the Bronx where he resides today. The self-taught musician used art as his anchor during his travels and led to various awards and praise.

After placements in Google and Television, Bondarev is prepping his first full length album, which is on Sony’s The Orchard label. The album that comes out this summer was produced by Nate Fox (Chance the Rapper / Francis and the Lights) and includes collaboration with the team behind the Grammy-nominated “A Color Map of the Sun” (Pretty Lights).

Lead single, “One”, is a soaring burner of a track that will undoubtedly find it’s way on numerous summer playlists. After following Conversing with Oceans since the beginning, we think this is another solid evolution of an artist is finding his voice. The electro elements are powerful but also restrained, which speaks of a maturing artist. The act has always had a strength in the way hope is weaved within the melancholy – very much like the life we all live. But lyrically, we hear a lot of rich storytelling that is sometimes missing within the genre.

We are excited for the small taste we have of what is sure to be a solid release and will continue to promote tracks as they become available.

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