Your Needed Rock Playlist

Michael Barrow & The Tourists – “Never Stop”

After a rousingly successful 2017 debut album, Juneau, the act is setting their sites to even more sold out shows and singles. “Never Stop” is a satisfying bit of soulful vocals, matched with instrumentation that is sure have you mimicking along in your cubicle or automobile. Fans of Jason Mraz are sure to connect vocally for sure, but the band sound of this act makes for a larger more penetrating all around sonic experience. Look for a sophomore album sometime this year. We suspect it will make an even larger splash.

The Beaches – “Desdemona”

Okay, so here is a few facts to pique your interest in the Toronto rockers. First, they count Sir Elton John as a fan. Impressive for sure. Second, they will be supporting Passion Pit on their 10th year anniversary tour after previously gaining support on a supporting slot for Death From Above. And thirdly, the band straight up rocks and their style has won not only accolades and admiration, but a Juno award as well. We are thoroughly impressed by almost everything the band has created and we think they are sure to reach near combustible levels of notoriety with tracks like “Desdemona”.

Alistair – “Absent Lover”

Speaking of rock, this Phoenix act checks every box needed for a proper explosive act. Their live performance video is a favorite of ours and it showcases the band chemistry and energy. Big guitars and drums support the searing and sometimes screaming vocals that make us further fall in love with the sound of Alistair. After their debut EP Pulse last year, the act is prepping another more pop rock friendly album due this summer. It is sure to have their signature sound, but is said to tread similar ground as influencers The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins, and Linkin Park. We cannot wait to hear more.

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