What’s In a Name? Those Goddamn Hippies Prove Us Wrong

What can you really know about a band’s name? We come across quite a lot every month, some of them incredible, and some not so much. If we are being honest, a name can either turn us off or more willing to cover an act. We’re shallow. We get it.

Yet there are acts that come out of nowhere with their moniker, breaking stereotypes and preconceived notions. Take for example the Austrian act Those Goddamn Hippies. With this name, we expected everything but what they truly are – incredible.

What would be your guess? Psych? Jam band? Funk?

We were pleasantly surprised to hear an incredibly rich sound with “Side by Side”. Englishman vocalist Tom Marsh, finds a heartbreaking whispered baritone similar to some of the recent Coldplay tracks or even Snow Patrol. It is difficult for us to capture the essence of this track. With an acoustic base and electric elements, the band shows that they have serious creative depth.

With “Tear Apart”, the duo continue to impress. The more upbeat lament, is a ode to a broken relationship with echoes and haunts worthy of a few listens. There is a refreshing ’90’s nostalgia on this one, but with a modern take on the current musical landscape. The lads seem to have a good ear for what is trending and when the dust settles, Those Goddamn Hippies might just be out in front of a very earnest group of artists.

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