Music of the Tall Pine Woods – A folk playlist with earthy roots

Gone Gone Beyond – “You Can’t Go Wrong”
-There’s an easy going sincerity to this track that I really enjoy. I don’t know if I’ve ever enjoyed a whistled melody this much since Roger Miller’s “Oodelally.” The vocal harmonies are also quite impressive. The way the whistle and the banjo bounce off each other is something I don’t know that I’ve ever heard before and I like it a lot. This is truly inventive folk music and we’re proud to support it.

aReverie – “Hold On”
-The artful core of aReverie’s “Hold On” is more than anyone can really be prepared to hear. It might have a bit more background production than most down to earth folk music that you might find, but I love that it feels so real and genuine. The layers and delays on different elements of the melody are all trumped by the exquisite vocal work. It’s amazing that something so subtle and delicate can have such soul moving power. This is an unbelievable track.

The Tame and the Wild – “Cold is the water”
-There’s a delightful, bouncy style to this song. It puts a smile on my face consistently. I adore the way the opening traditional string folk leads into more of a mid-century electrified folk sound. In some ways, the song musically mirrors the development of folk music in the past 100 years. I admire the way the lead vocal allows for the listener to connect with the emotions of the song; it’s ultimately about enduring life amidst the numerous trials we might face.

The Brothers Reed – “Caught in a Dream”
-I love the acoustic core of this song. It soothes the soul just to listen to the opening of this song. Fans of early Avett Brothers will adore these guys, and not just because they’re brothers too. It’s a basic sound here that could have starred on the Smothers Brothers show back in the 60s, and not just because they’re brothers too. Sometimes the vocal harmonies remind me a little of the Statler Brothers… OK, okay joking aside, I really like this song. I find it peaceful and timeless. Maybe I should send it to… my brother. 🙂

Steve Marino – “Dehilya”
-The song opens with a peaceful acoustic guitar and some meandering slide guitar. That’s all good, really. But then a voice enters the song that reminds me of Oasis in the best way possible. Oh my word this song has soul to it. I don’t mean like James Brown dance across the floor soul… I mean like there’s a spirit of love and spiritual emotion to it that you rarely hear in music today. If I ran an alt radio station I would feature this song every hour. It’s lush in all the right places and stripped down for maximum effect in others. It’s great.

Lior – “Apple Tree”
-There’s a wonderful acoustic energy to Lior’s style. The sincerity in the vocal drew me in right away. Something about this track feels as much like a poem as a song, honestly. There’s a kind of early James Taylor vibe to this song and I really like that part of it. Some of the minor key changes will have you wondering what exactly it is. Fans of more recent acts like The Other Favorites will really appreciate the complexity that Lior brings to this composition. It’s great.

Elliah Heifetz – “I’m over now”
-We found Heifetz a few months ago and his music just keeps hitting us in good ways. There’s an energy to this song that keeps me coming back for. The lyrics feel like something from a mythical story or perhaps a bit of scripture, but no matter what you hear it will inspire you. I find the combination of Heifetz’s quality vocal and poetic lyrics to be wonderfully enjoyable. Something about the rolling melody reminds me of truly classic folkies like Dylan and Seeger. We don’t throw that around much, so when we do it the sound is deserving. Heifetz is the genuine article.

Smith and Thell – “Forgive me friend” (Acoustic)
-I hope your toes are ready to tap because you’re going to need them for this one. There’s a beautiful energy in the vocal harmonies of Smith and Thell that we rarely hear these days. The male-female duo is common in folk music, but few do it as well as these incredible artists. The up tempo style, focus on forgiveness in the lyrics, and overall sense of harmony and moving on is something that fills our souls with delight. This is perfect for a folk playlist, so I guess we’ll make one.

Cattle and Cane – “Birdsong” (Live)
-This is a really unique folk song because it includes a full orchestra. The energy is different than most of the stripped down acoustic singer songwriters we feature. The harmonies are great and the strings bring an additional depth we don’t usually hear. I appreciate the naturist impulse in the lyrics that makes the big time production still feel grounded and raw.

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