Luke De-Sciscio Inspiring and Beautiful Folk

One of the all too rare gifts we receive in running a moderately successful music site, is when we come across an artist that inspires and compels us to describe the flight of our weary music loving souls. Every year, we are lucky to come across a handful of artists who remind us that what we do is important – showcasing talent that may be on the cusp or lay underexposed. Recently, the music of Luke De-Sciscio has been that muse for us.

The prolific De-Sciscio has a remarkable catalog of music, recently adding his Good Bye Folk Boy LP. His first single, “R.O.B.Y.N.”, is everything we love about both the folk scene, and the talented artist. Vocally, you will be hard pressed to find a more soaring and uplifting voice. Accompanied with just the right amount of acoustic guitar, the track is a simple psalm that soothes with it’s complete grasp of the art. The songwriter has undoubtedly found his stride and strength with “R.O.B.Y.N.” and we hope many listeners explore his back catalogue of rich ’60’s fused styles. We were reminded of artists like Devendra Banhart and even Fleet Foxes when we gave his new album a relaxed listen.

Good Bye Folk Boy is streaming on Soundcloud currently, and we cannot suggest you listen to it enough.

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