Meet Emma Elisabeth: : : Your New Favorite Singer Songwriter

For her new single, the young singer songwriter worked with Victor Van Vugt, who has mixed for the likes of PJ Harvey and Nick Cave. One listen to “Pilot” will assure you that this was a perfect genre decision. Her expressive art is similar to Harvey, while still being accessible and shapeshifting for any taste or preference. She has the talent to create in any mode she feels compelled to. Raised in Sweden by musician parents, her natural intuition comes out clearly, while setting her apart from her peers. “I definitely have a thing for reverberating guitars. Maybe it’s because I’m so influenced and inspired by people who make music in that vein.” Emma says, “But when I create songs, I don’t really think about that. The song gets a life of its own and I kind of follow.” This attitude will continue to see the artist broaden both her palette and her fanbase in the future.

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