Fleurie Shines With Dreamy Indie Pop

More than anything, I want my music to take people into a dreamlike state,” says artist Fleurie. “At first that might feel like escapism, but over time it can pull you deeper into your emotions. I want my songs to help people to open up a bit, and imagine more possibilities for the world and what might be.” With her new single, “Explosions of Grandeur”, the artist continues an expressive and impressive creative clip of painting sonic dreamscapes that captivate. In preparation for her new music, Fleurie wrote down words to describe the vision she had for the project. Words like “melty”, “magical”, “celestial” and yes, “dreamy”  came to mind.

Currently in Nashville, the artist graduated from Hillsong College in Sydney, Australia with a degree in music. Since then, the songwriter has amassed quite the following with songs like “Hurts Like Hell”, and various spots in TV shows – including an ad in the Super Bowl. The classically trained pianist has continued to push boundaries in a creative way, forsaking convention and stereotypes, she creates something truly unique and breathtaking.

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