3 Of Our Favorite Indie Rock Acts With New Music

Jr Jr – “Big Bear Mountain”

If you haven’t gotten into the music of Jr Jr (f.k.a. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.), now is the perfect time. The band has recently been released by the shackles of their previous record contract, to help form Love Is EZ record label. “Big Bear Mountain” sees a mature act on the top of their game with introspective lyrics and soaring instrumentation. Josh Epstein of the band explains the track: ‘“Big Bear Mountain’ is a song about purpose. Someone very close to me was dealing with a parent being diagnosed with a terminal illness, and it was weighing on my mind. When we are gone, all that is left of a life is legacy. What did you do with your time?  How did you leave the world different than you found it? In reality, maybe none of us has as much ability to change the world as we may think, but should that stop anyone from trying?” The band is prepping a late May release of the double album Invocations / Conversations which is sure to be a must-hear.

Forever X2 – “God Don’t Want”

Vocalist Peter Verdell explains his new track: “This is the most personal Forever X2 song so far. It’s about loss. The choruses repeat ‘God don’t want anything from you,’ as a way of me telling my friend ‘god doesn’t need you for anything, so just stay here with me.’ I hate death. I hate that people we love have to leave us.” The single has a creative and engaging vibe to it, but lyrically it is more expressive than listeners may originally realize. The indie electro vibe here is strong, but subdued with matured restraint. While the guitar solo towards the climax adds a refreshing and hopeful spirit that reminds us of the way a Death Cab For Cutie track is arranged. We also appreciate the theological pondering of the act.

Mating Ritual – “U.N.I.”

There is something refreshingly different about the LA indie rockers Mating Ritual. The band knows how to have fun, the catchy summer jam “U.N.I” is example of this. ‘’Imagine winter is over. Imagine you’re in a pool with a boozy cocktail when U.N.I. comes on shuffle. The water is cool and the vibe is hot, just how you like your content,” explains Ryan from the act. “You are forced to pause the song halfway through cuz the Postmates driver won’t walk around back. You restart the song. This happens at least three more times. Our Spotify numbers skyrocket. I invest in Postmates. And buy a pool. Just imagine.” But despite this, the band have a praiseworthy earnestness when it comes to creating music. Hot Content (May 10th) is their third album in their incredible goal of releasing five LP’s in five years. If they all sound like “U.N.I”, we think the band are due for more success, and swimming pools in the future.

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