New music potpourri – March 2019

Human Barbie – “The Village Priest”
-There’s something soothing about this song’s construction. The guitars sound vintage and the lead vocal is understated, but it seems to work really well. It feels like a deep cut from one of your favorite 60s bands. I am a big fan of the chill vibe as it rolls into the vibrant chorus. I’m not sure of the music term for that guitar riff at the end of the chorus, but I like it.

mellowdine – “Make it”
-I’m not always a fan of electro music, so when it’s good enough to move me it’s good. This track from mellowdine makes sure that you’re not in a hurry. It’s got this cool synth element to it as the basis, but then the guitar introduces you to the more typical drum beat. Once the full composition comes together you get this cool chills right up your spine. I can imagine using this on a chill playlist, a study playlist, or just a “hangout but not listen to anyone” list.

Tommy Ashby – “Cocoon”
-We have a habit of falling for singer songwriters who can pull us in with simplicity and exquisite execution. Ashby has this vibe that reminds me of what I first loved about early Bon Iver. That’s not even overstated when you take in Ashby’s extremely high vocal range. The full composition is delightful. The anticipation in the early part of the track gives the song an “edge of your seat” feeling throughout.

Trevor Ohlsen – “You’ll always have a piece of me”
-We have covered Ohlsen’s sweet singer songwriter style in the past. We’re glad to cover his work here again as this track brings a pop sensibility that we really enjoy. There’s something inherently optimistic about the mix. Ohlsen’s high tenor vocal shines through and the poetic lyrics will have listeners swooning. It’s beautifully sincere.

Vagrant Son – “Define Normal”
-We don’t cover much “heavy” rock music, but this specific track stood out for me so I had to cover it. Vagrant Son have the uncanny ability to connect heavy guitars with some really tight vocal harmonies. It reminds me of what “old metal” used to do. Yet the guitar work here doesn’t feel old fashioned by any stretch. So if you’re looking for a crossover track that you can enjoy with some of your more hardcore friends, this might do it. It has a Breaking Benjamin vibe to it that keeps me coming back for more.

Elliah Heifetz – “American Goldfinch”
-I thought about saving this one for a full folk playlist at some point, but I liked it so much I didn’t want to wait. There’s such a happy-go-lucky spirit to it. If you read ETTG because you like classic folk music, then look no further than Heifetz. There’s a charm to Heifetz’s mix that makes it feel really familiar. He probably has the most smile-inducing live show ever. Lots of positive vibes here.

Danny Olliver – “Josephine”
-If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. A song title with a woman’s name is either going to be a delightfully happy song or a tragically sad one. There is no middle ground. In this case, the protagonist is hopelessly in love so it has a happy vibe to it. My favorite parts are the guitar, the lead vocal, and the vocal harmonies. Heck I like the band too. I think I like everything about it. This kind of pop folk with positive vibes pretty much summarizes my taste in music. I’m not mad about it.

Ryan Dilmore – “Half of my heart”
-If you are a fan of musicals, you have to hear this unique track from Ryan Dilmore. His writing accolades are vast, but I try not to focus on biography so much as the song itself. Let me tell you, this track will knock your socks off. It’s not just another three chord folk song. This is a masterful PRODUCTION of a track. I don’t even know what genre to call it. It’s equal parts orchestral pop as it is a bit of rock-infused folk. I would genuinely love to listen to this song with Paul McCartney because it’s right up his alley. Yes, it’s that good.

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