Neoclassical tracks we are adding to our Spotify playlist – Read why

John Hayes – “Lombard”
-The way this track rolls between themes is exiquisite. I am far from a classical music scholar, but you can hear that there are a few repeated melodies here. As they transition slightly each time, it awakes your mind to new possibilities. This is intelligent music that keeps my attention and yet relaxes me. Hayes is a gifted composer I plan to follow closely.

John Corlis – “Rise”
-We got a few submissions from Corlis and enjoyed them quite a great deal. There’s a punctuated style to these melodies that bring a smile to our faces. “Rise” seems to have an encouraging tone behind it. “You can do it” I hear the strings saying. I feel a sense of inspiration in this track that makes it a welcome addition to a playlist that is meant to relax but also motivate study, writing, and reading. It’s beautifully intellectual in its tones and hues.

John Corlis – “Kaleidoscope of Colors”
-Corlis hits us with another evocative piece. Yet again we hear his playing with purpose. The key strikes are intentional, not muddled together. There’s an almost dance-like proficiency to each line as it rolls into the next. The two-beat timing keeps it moving while the melody lines seem to rise and fall like breathing. If you’ve ever been wowed by the simple sweetness of a kaleidoscope, this song will make perfect sense. It’s a beautiful sonic picture of something distinctly visual.

Andy Feldman – “Rest and be thankful”
-I can’t explain how much I like this piece. It’s got a dash of jazz, a pinch of the blues, and a serenity that I find hard to find in music these days. There’s a real subtlety in the way the chords roll together. If there was such a thing as an Americana and neoclassical mashup, that’s Andy Feltman’s writing. I am eager to delve more into the rest of his repetoire after enjoying this captivating song. It makes me feel alive and want to read Mark Twain.

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