“I’m Not Your Enemy”::: Further Proof That Greg Holden is Incredible

If you have read us for any bit of time during the last few years, chances are you have heard us speak at length about songwriter Greg Holden. His 2015 album Chase The Sun was one of our favorites in recent memory and included the socially conscious “Boys In The Street”, which America’s favorite actor Tom Hanks called “The Perfect Song”. Holden has reached commercial success through this album, but also through his writing of the Philip Philipps track “Home”, which sold over 5 million copies in the U.S. alone. His ability to craft story in a dynamic and connective way has continued to set him apart from his peers and will continue to bring him mainstream success in the following year.

For his new single, “I’m Not Your Enemy”, the introspective artist speaks of the all too common relational conflict we have and the walls we construct for certain people groups unfairly. “Only love can save us know” croons the artist with beautiful vocal backing. His strength is found in not only his spot on lyrics, but by his ability to make them catch, compelling listeners from all backgrounds to sing along. His album World War Me, is due out late March and by the sounds of it, will be another step forward in cementing his legacy as a prominent songwriter and performer.

For more Greg Holden, check out the interview we did with him here.

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