Lily & Madeleine’s “Canterbury Girls” is a Celebration of Women and Harmony

There are those moments when something falls in your lap at the perfect time. Some call it fate, others say it’s God’s will… whatever you believe, what Lily & Madeleine have offered us, at such a time as this, is the perfect celebration of women in indie music. With yesterday being International Women’s Day (#IWD2019), this album is not only prevalent, poignant, and perfectly poised, but with the theme this year being #BalanceforBetter, we have a perfectly timed duo so balanced, it just CAN’T be a coincidence!

Thank the heavens!

Consisting of sisters Lily and Madeleine Jurkiewicz, this duo does what only siblings can – blend and enhance the other so completely. God, I love sister duos. I mean, I do. There’s no way around that!

Canterbury Girls opens its gates to the listener with the first song, “Self Care.” Delicious raw piano and stylized lyrics take the helm of this gem of a song. When the chorus begins and the guitars/drums ramp up, the melody really jumps off. But… let’s be real. We’re all really here for these harmonies. Because, come on… who in their right mind WOULDN’T BE? Also – let’s just throw in some organ and harp? Sure!

“Supernatural Sadness” is a fun psuedo-pop joy. “Just Do It” is like, a vocal latte. Smooth, runny, but still delightfully bitter.

The title track, “Canterbury Girls” is melancholic, melodic greatness. The chorus is genuinely celestial! All I could do was close my eyes and bask in the beauty of it. The low harmony is truly euphoric in its darkness. The lyrics are dreamy and so is this song.

“Bruises” is one of those songs that hits close to home. (Pun intended.) It’s a lyric-focused anthem about loving a broken person only to realize we, too, are broken. “Looking at my skin, I can feel the imperfections. Trying to be with you and I see all my projections. I didn’t wanna be the only one who gets you. But now you’re holding me, telling me I’m no better.” Good Lord, how many times have we loved someone and projected our own insecurities onto them? This is a special, special song for sure.

“Pachinko Song” is an enjoyable pop addition to an otherwise folky album, full of wonderful piano bits and as always, stellar harmonies. “Circles” takes a nod to a live, intimate show-like sound with wonderful tones and throwback qualities. “Can’t Help But Feel” moves us into a Motown/classic groove with the voices staying mostly on the melody line, adding a refreshing nuance and walloping sound. As the overall dynamic drops again with “Analog Love,” it’s “slow and sweet” just as the lyrics suggest.

The final song on the album uses one of my favorite things – MINOR CHORDS. The mix of minor and major makes for a happy me and a lovely gloom. Can gloom be lovely? Yes. Loving takes work and is often times hard, and loving your work and someone else at the same time is even harder. Balancing both career and friends/family is something all people struggle with and since I brought it up before, this theme is accurate with many women who follow their passions and have to figure out how to do it all. The music is sorrowful and the meaning blue, but one takeaway (at least for me, when I hear a sad song like this) is that it can be done. We can do it. It’s possible. We can have our cake and eat it too. (Also, that outro musical interlude is something quite perfect. )

So let’s all celebrate great music, the hope of a brighter future, and the good things in life. And let’s all agree that Lily & Madeleine made an incredible album in what is sure to be a long and lustrous career in music.

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