Rising Indie Songwriter Covey Shines With New Release

The sound of British multi-instrumentalist Covey is warmly familiar. Like a heavy blanket on a frigid day, his sonic embrace is welcomed. Taking cues from richly transparent and creative songwriters like Neutral Milk Hotel and Nick Drake, Covey expands on the tradition those loving (and some may say quirky) artists have already forged. His vocal fervor is expressive but also deeply emotive, while his lyrics are especially poignant.

On “Gecko”, his first single from what is to us and many publications an excitedly anticipated upcoming album, he sings “when I was three I watched the world go up in flames” backed by striking instrumentation. We loved the interplay between sound and melody, but the lyrics we had to listen to a few times to fully appreciate. We found it to be some of the most expressive lyrics we have heard recently.

Covey is sure to garner more attention in coming months, and we cannot wait to hear more from an act who has already shared stage time with the likes of Hozier and Lighthouse and the Whaler.

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