The Donnis Trio: Compelling and Dreamy Songwriting

From the beginning of “Separate Tracks”, you can hear something mature, compelling, and incredibly concise. The Donnis Trio have rightfully had their music showcased by various television shows, and can honestly fit into any playlist or preference by even the most picky of listeners. Their songwriting is deeply affecting while landing somewhere between Dave Matthews and Eddie Vedder. We were also reminded of one of our favorite songwriters Jeffrey Martin when we heard the band’s new single.

Musically, we appreciate the strings and the gentle sway of what they create here. The San Diego act have a positive band chemistry that is perfectly subdued but still manages to grab the attention of listeners with the talent. Lyrically, it has some moments of classic songwriting, sung with the unmistakable baritone of lead singer Nate Donnis.

We hope to hear more of the band in the following months. Their sound fully encapsulates what Ear to the Ground is about.

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