Indie Rockers Kosmonauts Break Through With “Falling Apart”

Recent signees to These Bloody Thieves Records, UK rockers Kosmonauts are ready for a massive breakthrough. On the rise since the band formed in 2017, the 4 piece look tighter than ever with their latest single “Falling Apart”. The track starts with a sonic feel similar to The Cure, before settling into an impressive rock sound that lands somewhere between Anberlin and Foals. The track showcases how well the Manchester band plays together while crafting anthemic lyrics and melodies.

The band explain the story behind their new single:

“Falling Apart relates to the outsiders view on a failing relationship. Rather than being about the actual pain suffered it’s the anguish you feel for a couple that you can see are breaking down. A relationship that you also want to try to revive but the only option you see feasible is to part ways and start a fresh. When we started writing we wanted to create a song that retained our Kosmonauts sound, whilst also embracing the contrasting influences we have gained in recent times.”

It often takes time for acts like these to incubate and mature. Chemistry like this does not typically occur overnight. Kosmonauts are beginning to hit the exciting period of their musical career where doors will start to be blown open in their favor. With “Falling Apart”, the act has proven they are not only on the rise, but here to stay. Look for them to continue to make positive waves in the coming year.

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