SYML Proves His Talent Is Here To Stay

Artist SYML is having a moment. Recently selling out shows across the world and in the midst of a US tour, the artist is putting his final touches on what is sure to be an impressive 2019 debut LP. We recently covered his track “Clean Eyes”, which has started to break through and give the producer/songwriter much deserved attention, and solidified his place as one of our favorite new artists.

For his latest track, “The Bird”, the artist again proves his talent is as steady as his exceptional voice. The track showcases his vulnerabilities while crafting a compelling and properly restrained sound. The result is a tight and incredible mix of genre and space. “Trying to love or even understand someone with all of their beautiful flaws and intricacies, while we cope with our own, is not easy,” explains SYML. “It is as delicate and cold as it is proud and belligerent. ‘The Bird’ represents this surreal dance. If we are too gentle, it might get away. But if we hold on too tight, we might suffocate it.

If you have not already experienced the sound of SYML, we recommend you do so now. Seriously. Soon enough, your friends will be sharing how they discovered him anyways. It’s best to beat them to the punch on this one. Be on the look out for his debut LP in May of 2019.

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