Joy Williams’ New Single, “Front Porch”

An acoustic guitar is probably one of the most recognizable musical instruments known to man. Its use is widely accepted in most musical genres and its versatility makes it a pivotal role in most modern and even classical music.

For those of us who play music or make a living talking about music, its sound can be as familiar as a humming fan – white noise behind our busy and loud daily lives.

Its sense of home.

Its safety.

And all too often a strum of this instrument will mirror a million strums before it. (Especially in the genres we tend to favor around here, like folk, singer-songwriter, country, etc…)

How, in this endless sea of strums, can a song truly stand out among the rest?

An amazing vocal? (Of course.)

Fantastic lyrics? (Yes. Naturally, this is important.)

Smart and strategically layered additions of other nuanced instruments? (Duh.)

All these things and more. But there’s something, in my humble opinion, that takes an acoustic-led song from standard to spectacular — Heart.

Something Joy Williams has always, no matter the genre she’s singing, no matter the backing band she’s used, has presented in spades…

So much dang heart.

She has returned to the folk genre with her new upcoming album, Front Porch, and the title track is a lovely preview of what to expect.

I’ve been a fan of Joy’s for so long that admittedly she could write a song about a paper bag and i’d be so there for it. But, she didn’t. She wrote a song about life and all its many choices. A heartwarming tale of having no regrets and learning from our bumps and bruises along the way. The melody is gorgeous, the music is calming and somber, and the vocals, especially the harmonies, are full of whimsy.

This new album is something I’ve been anxiously and excitedly anticipating and this new single is the icing on the proverbial cake.

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