The Dream Folk Sound of Southern Pine is Near Breathtaking

“I feel displaced” contemplates songwriter Zack kardon (aka Southern Pine) on his new single “Sunrise”. The Asheville based songwriter has a unique gift of crafting introspective and compelling tracks, which are carefully layered and build to impressive ends. On his latest track, the songwriter showcases his spacey and meditative talent. The best songs illicit feelings within it’s listeners, and this one is no exception. “Sunrise” had us daydreaming of clarity and peaceful spaces outside this present state of walls, headlines, and deferred dreams.

Genre speaking, many clarify Southern Pine as dream folk. We agree, but it also had us feeling a little like a psych Kurt Vile track would. The swells and intentional expanse, gives the sound something intriguing and definitely worth listening to regardless of preference.

The new EP by Southern Pine is entitled Standing Still, and is out now.

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