Rising Songwriter Annika Grace Breaks Out With “The Chase”

The first “wow” in a series of astonishments found in the new single from California songwriter Annika Grace are her exceptional vocals. Deep, haunting, and laced with allure, we cannot get over how engagingly personal they are. “The Chase” is an impressive introduction to the young songstress, and weaves electro pop style with something more visceral than originally expected. We especially appreciate how she tightly crafts a track that is maturely subdued, instead of going for the often large wall of sound that comes with this genre. The artist lets her strengths shine on what is an exceptionally restrained track.

We live in a time when relationships are as disposable as our phones,” explains Grace.We play games the way kids play tag, but the difference is we aren’t chasing each other for amusement, we are chasing each other for attention, affection, and the excitement of it all.

Her youth serves as perhaps her greatest asset in that it makes her astute to her surroundings. She knows how tides in culture and music are turning and is able to express such change in her art.

Annika Grace has a 2016 EP entitled Glass Town, and a few singles, but we are pretty excited to see what she does from here as she hits her artistic stride. 

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