Songwriter talker Shines With Vulnerability

Celeste Tauchar, aka talker, is a compelling young songwriter from Folsom, California. Her style goes against the polished and often insincere music of her contemporaries. The 23 year old prefers a more direct, and vulnerable, approach to her art. Listeners are left feeling like they finished reading her diary. It’s personal and completely engaging.

Fans of Julien Baker and Phoebe Bridgers will find a similar sonic home in talker. “Intimidated” is sort of a slow burner with a big payoff hidden in it’s near combustible climax. The narrator has a certain ordinary beauty that is captured lyrically, and is left pondering why others seem so comfortable and secure. We dig her true vulnerability in this track, but also think she has an incredible gift for building a pop sound that will undoubtedly connect with many fans across genre preference. We are excited to hear a possible EP in the coming months.

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