Indie rock and indie pop hidden gems – January 2019

Superheart – “Talk About It”
-I can hear the criticisms now “how is this a hidden gem? It has over 2000 plays!” That’s how. It only has 2000 some plays when it should have hundreds of thousands. Seriously this band, this groove, this chill style is pure indie pop gold. I love the way the atmospheric keys fill the sound and the vocals feel all warm and fuzzy.

The Parachute Brigade – “Wanderer”
-Sometimes you hear a vocal that absolutely stands out. The lead vocal of the Parachute Brigade (tangent – great band name) is one of those standouts. It cuts through this indie folk rock act remarkably well. I think if 2018 had a specific “sound” it’s pretty close to this track. A bit of synth, a bit of folky spirit, and some really exquisite production to make it all come together. I dig it. Let us know on social media if you want to see a full review of Parachute Brigade’s 2018 EP.

Young and Sick – “Bitter End”
-Are you in the mood to dance? Well, as soon as you click play on this track you will be whether you were or not. I saw an article online yesterday that said “disco is making a comeback” and I did that blogger thing where I scoffed and said “it’s been back!” I’m not sure if Young and Sick call themselves disco or funky-ass soul music, but abso-freaking-lutely love this song. GET YO DANCE ON FRIENDS! This’ll get us through the bitter cold of winter fordamnsure.

Hot Dreams – “Stronger”
-Every once in a while an indie pop song manages to break the mold and come up with something totally unique. Hot Dreams do that with “Stronger,” a track that at times feels like U2 and other times feels like something off-the-charts experimental. The tasteful use of distortion-for-effect is really fantastic. This is one of the most creative and catchy tracks we’ve heard in early 2019.

PHIE – “Rage”
-I am an absolute sucker for good dream pop music. This song from PHIE makes me feel like I’m lifting off the earth. There’s something about the magic between the chord choices and the lightness in her vocal that creates an emerging energy. It’s glorious. PHIE’s pop sensibility has mass appeal – we just need to help her get her music in front of more fans. She’s in a position to massively take off in 2019!

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