Norway’s Skyskraper Builds With Cinematic Rock Debut

There is something otherworldly about the music of rising alt rock act Skyskraper. The band blend familiar rock elements with something more ambitious to create a wall of sound that is sure to be felt as much as heard. It is easy to hear the Radiohead and M83 influence in their expansive single “Heaven and Earth”, especially in it’s climactic finale. Vocally we appreciate the whispered siren quality that also bring to mind the work of Autolux. The single has a wave of chilled industrial elements that bring this specific band to mind.

Typically, it is difficult to cover an act with only one track, but when that debut sounds as compelling as “Heaven and Earth”, we cannot help but wish to write about it. We hope 2019 will bring us more from the thoughtful Norway act. Their contemplative and all encompassing sound pairs nicely with the post New Year’s winter we find ourselves in.

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