Your Weekend New Music Playlist

KT Tunstall – “Human Being”

We have always loved the creative spirit of Tunstall, and her new single is further proof of her solid songwriting and ability to rock a track. “Human Being” is incredibly catchy, which we come to expect from the artist, but surprisingly she also directs the music video. Featuring 8 year old blackbelt Eccaia Sampson, the video is a indelible woman empowerment. “My vision for the video was to create a mirror between a young, crazy- talented, bold little girl, and link that burgeoning energy to a band of warrioress women who have achieved their goal of turning their young talents into something very real and powerful as working musicians and performers; all of us living these lives through following our dreams and keeping that punk spirit we all had as kids, but always inevitably vulnerable as humans beings,”shares the new director. We love the new tunes she has created and believe you will too.

Nolan Garrett – “No Secrets”

There is a certain groove that hits us, and we can’t necessarily explain the way it makes us feel. “No Secrets” is such a track that is carried by a Tame Impala style groove that lingers long after the final play. Coming off the artist’s EP What If, we love his DYI approach and discipline to let a track play out without rushing or adding unnecessary layers. Keeping it simple is what makes this track such an incredible standout.

EXES feat. JOME – “One Day”

“‘One Day’ is almost like our take on a winter love song,” explains EXES.It’s a song that feels like the soft and romantic first snowfall of the season. Whenever we write with JOME, we always tend to hit that happy-sad sweet spot lyrically and musically. So, although the song is sweet, it hints at themes of love and death- the unknown territory of growing old with someone else.” The duo commiserated with another duo in JOME to create a delicate but rising sound. It is definitely a indie pop track, but it also has some interesting elements that might fool listeners into thinking it is a folk track. We love the layered sound and shared vocals.

Smoke Season – “Hot Damn”

We unapologetically love this track and band. It might be the teenage boy in us that still loves professional wrestling – the video is amusingly shot with a wrestling match. It could also be the unmistakable allure of their lead singer and groovy guitar parts. Either way, the duo fire on all funky fun cylinders with “Hot Damn”. The video also shows their response to the adversity of being a rising act in a cruel business. Recently they had $7,000 worth of gear stolen and have struggled like many acts. The track is special and gets more fun with every spin.

Dead Friends – “Torches”

Yes, we don’t cover a lot of hard rock, but this track was impossible not to throw our support behind. Do you hear that killer drum work? That guitar? I mean, how can we not love it? Too many rock acts get lost in the sound, but “Torches” is tight and restrained when needed. The end result is a beautiful piece of rock goodness. Vocalist/guitarist Austin Radford states about the track, “I think subconsciously people feel like we need our lives to be defined by something comprehensible–anything from political or religious affiliation to a job or a favorite sports team. ‘Torches’ is about clinging too closely to those life defining elements, and the devastating realization that you’re not a complete person without them.” We are looking forward to hearing more.

Ten Fé – “Echo Park”

The intro alone is worth a listen on this one. The guitar and bass grouping carries this track and makes it a standout. A track about love lost, it has a hopeful vibe and shows the band’s trademark genre bending sound. They get a lot of comparisons to acts like Tame Impala, and while we understand this, the band has their own soulful bend that makes them stand ahead of the musical pack. The new LP is due out in March, and it shows a different maturity of the UK act that is refreshing to hear.

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