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Eleni Drake – “Untitled”

The sound of English songwriter Eleni Drake is unmistakably smooth. Mixing jazz and soul, the artist has a fresh sound that blends popular style with vocals that make you melt. There is a specific intimacy in her art that makes you feel alone in the room with her. Many musicians would kill to have the sense she does. 

Tamu Massif – “Niobe”

“I was fascinated by Greek myths growing up. That landscape is very close to me – not as close as I’d like on this winter morning looking at the frost on my window. But it feels quite vivid in the song.” Artist Tamu Massif shares.Although I probably can’t relate to having fourteen of my children massacred by angry deities… on some level…” The background of the track has a mythological beginning, which goes well with the overall otherwolrldly style of his music.”Niobe” is unlike anything we have heard in the past year. There is beauty in the space and we are curious to what you think. 

Jade Bird – “Love Has All Been Done Before”

UK songwriter Jade Bird has had a terrific year, complete with tracks that pop and crackle with immense talent. On her latest track, the songwriter’s signature vocals continue to allure listeners and critics alike. Her Americana rock style is incredible, but in her performance you see a deep and edgy passion that beckons a second and third viewing. Jade Bird has been a favoirte of staff this year and we are crazily excited to see what ’19 holds for the young songwriter.

Easy Life – “Pockets”

This group of five high school friends from the UK creates a cornucopia of style on their new single for “Pockets”. Borrowing from genres like slacker rock and hip hop, the creative five-piece show off their musical chops with a compelling live rendition, complete with horns. We love the creative energy and risks taken with this act and feel like they will continue to push the limits of genre and sound. Whether you dig the end sound or not, the band is worth checking out if you enjoy explorative genre busting . . . or if you simply have a pulse. 

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