Acts to Watch in 2019

Little Brother Eli – “Oops”

This energetic Oxford act will undoubtedly will receive comparisons to Maroon 5, and depending on how you feel about the Super Bowl headliner, don’t let it deter you. We have been following the up and coming act as they have steadily released singles throughout the year. Each one has been unique and showcases the band’s ability to craft tight jams that compel listeners to complete fandom. Bouncing from genres like electro, soul, pop, and disco, they are an act who know who they are and will continue to win fans over in the coming year. Little Brother Eli are a can’t be missed act.

KAWALA – “Moonlight”

The entirety of “Moonlight” is exceptional, but it was the chorus – the exceptional mingling of voices – that completely enraptured us. Our attention was forever grabbed by this modest UK act. Blending uplifting folk and ’70’s soft rock, the band have touched on a beautifully unique and compelling sound that is sure to serve them well as they continue to build their fanbase. “Moonlight” is catchy, expressive, and all things lovely. We love everything about it and cannot wait to hear more.

Lost Cousins – “Stay”

“Stay’ is about both physical and emotional movement,” explains rising Canadian act Lost Cousins. “Uncertainties that lie ahead and remnants of the past are unearthed through changing landscapes on a long road trip. The song describes adjustment to departure through fragments of memories from a backseat window.” There is a certain sense of movement and contemplative nostalgia that rolls with the sound of the act. Their talent is found in their swelling layers that overcomes both emotionally and sonically. We get a similar vibe to some of the better Killers tracks. The more we hear from this act, the more we respect and admire their maturity and chemistry. They are set to release a equally sprawling LP in February of 2019.

Campdogzz – “Southern”

“Southern” is a track that sticks to you like a warm coat on an embarrassingly cold day. There is something special about the vocals of Jess Price and the way she is both vulnerable and assertive. The almost shoe gaze style only adds to the exceptional lyrical structure of the track and shows why this band might be one to watch for the coming year. There is something incredible rare going on within their sound. If you love music that is true – that has a gritty heartbeat – then this might just be balm for your soul.

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