A Music & Chill Playlist for Your Weekend

Hunker down, grab your coffee (or wine, no judging) and get ready to think about relationships. Or, if you don’t want to, just think about great music. Either one will work. (Again, no judging.)

DMMOY (feat. Sarah Yoon) – Nomadic

Sultry and smooth, this R&B gem is full of depth, care, and dreamy textures. Vocally, Ms. Yoon adds a wonderful earthy tone – breathy, but full. Lyrically, it’s wistful and sad… about what could have been and going through every memory, thinking about what you could have done differently. It’s such a common concept, that you can’t help but be moved by it. It’s such a great “chill with a good glass of wine” type of song for your weekend!

Burdensome – Gracie & The Valley

An indie rock gem made for all, this song has all the ups and downs of emotion and nuance necessary to make a great experience for the listener. The lead singer’s voice is powerful when it needs to be, soft when it calls for it, and relatable all the same. I like the lyrics, though admittedly they make me sad. I think we, women, tend to feel burdensome at times in relationships because we tend to let our insecurities get the best of us. My wish is that we stop doing this and realize we are not burdens, we are to be treasured… or else. I don’t know where that rant came from and you can take it or leave it. But the fact that this song caused such a reaction in me is a testament that it’s a good song.

Phobia – savannahsgro

Ok, so I guess the theme is songs about heartbreak or the thought of a future one. But this next song is wonderful. Truly. It’s pop, but with a depth of flavor and feeling. Vocally, it’s smooth and calming. There’s something about her voice when she drops out of her higher falsetto and settles in a lower note on the choruses. It’s a quality of tone that is very enticing. I like the use of piano underneath the pop beats. It makes it more approachable and warm. Overall, a great song.

Laugh Out Loud – Foxheart

Oh, yummy. Yes! Vocally, he’s got the grit and tone made for folk/rock greatness, but musically it’s also layered and desirable. The added symphonic tones of the stringed instruments are beautiful. The layered harmonies are decadent. The unexpected, but perfect addition of church bells makes it a journey of surprise. Musically, this is the best on our list today. Guitar and drums shining bright and bringing every little tone and beat together in perfect harmony. It’s a great indie folk rock anthem and I will be eager to hear more from them.


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