The Best Tunes We Heard Today

Reddening West – “June”

This Austin band is everything we love about music. Their building folk sound is similar to more established acts, yet they are free to explore their style in a way we find refreshing and exciting. They don’t fall into a formulaic trap that many do, but craft a big sound that comes to an extraordinary climax that would make Fleet Foxes blush. On the heels of their debut LP Deltas, the Reddening West are only picking up speed and gaining fans with their earnestness and beautiful artistry.

Laren Ruth Ward – “White Rabbit”

Typically, we are incredibly leery of cover songs. Yet, when we saw the name attached to this one, we could not resist. Ward is an incredible songwriter who has immense talent that pours from every note. Her ability to make any song her own, is what makes listening to cover songs not only acceptable but enjoyable. Vocally she could sing a McDonald’s menu to our excitement. “White Rabbit” is no doubt a trademark song, but also the perfect track for LRW and her band who are currently at the forefront of an awesome women led rock movement that is in LA currently. “Grace Slick is the goddess of psych rock,” explains the artist. “There’s a movement happening right now in LA that I feel part of. So many women leading their own unique rock genre. I feel invincible singing Grace’s lyrics. I feel the palpable energy of all the musicians in the room when singing “White Rabbit”. It’s one of those songs that gives life.”

EasyFriend – “Take A Little”

And now for something completely different. Honestly, how could we not cover this? The sound is tight and carries the punch of Prince mixed with Talking Heads. Our only problem with the track is how short it is. We would love to hear the instrumentation run our a little longer while we dance our geeky music critic asses off. Lead artist Eric Brown has a inspired life story overall which includes leaving a dead-end job, surviving a violent mugging, and working out of his small RV, but we think this story makes his art much more engaging. “Take a Little is a song about being brave and satisfying yourself every now and again. At that point in my life I had been isolated on the road for months traveling city to city without any time for real intimacy,” explains Brown. “So when I drove into New Orleans and was greeted by her power I knew exactly what needed to be done! I dove into that city without care! Every sweaty, sexy human I  wanted to meet, I did. It was a time marked by confidence and connection. I had always given a lot of myself to friends, family and lovers but for the first time I was satisfying my own wants and that does something very special the heart. If you feel attracted to another human, don’t be afraid to approach them. If you let the moment slip through your fingers, you’ll always be left wondering what could have been.”

Carousel – “Firesong”

This is a sneakily complicated track. The harmonies are incredible, and on par with some of the best folk we come across. This is one of those tracks that grabs your attention and forces you to listen and sing along. Listeners will relate in a way that is rare and reminds us of some of the pop-punk hits of the ’90’s were able to connect with masses of people. In both genres, the songwriting transcended genre and was extraordinary. We love this track for it’s humility and the swell of it’s climax especially. It carries throughout it a optimism we need in this current state we live in. We appreciate Carousel for their art and authenticity.

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