Stunning Tracks For Your Thursday

Yoste – “Blue”

Australian artist Yoste (pronounced ‘lost’) has a definite talent to grab listeners from various preferences and make them fall in love. His style is soulful, electro, and delicate. There is such a refreshingly unique mix of styles, that it is hard to classify. Music like his is best left for the ears and not necessarily the mere words of music critics. The new EP is not out for a few more months, but if his second single is any indication, we are in for a great piece of endearing exploration.

Deer Fellow – “No One Wins”

There is an urgency to “No One Wins” which perfectly mirrors the content. The song is about the conflict between people and the frustration of not seeing eye to eye. This Austin band has incredible harmonies and guitar blends that will make many fall in love with their style and substance. Originally starting off as a duo, the band recently expanded their sound, and we think this was a wise move. The full band sound helps solidify an already impressive talent.

Lauran Hibberd – “What Do Girls Want”

Hibberd is an incredible songwriter who is able to take inspiration from any corner of life. Her latest single, “What Do Girls Want”, showcases her growing talent that has won her fans from a much deserving media of tastemakers. She explains the track like so: “For me, ‘What Do Girls Want?’ is a good punch to the mouth. It’s sarcastic, and bleakly honest. It highlights what it feels like to be young, and obsesses over the ideas that come with being just that.” We keep covering her tracks because they keep creatively intriguing us. We think you will like this one.

Lou Stone – “Fictions”

Multi-instrumentalist Lou Stone is a must hear artist. Soulful and engaging, his sound has shades of some of the biggest acts out there, yet his style is undoubtedly unique. Words like “stunning” and “beautiful” are not words we throw around often in fear of hyperbole, but with “Fictions”, those words seem almost not enough. His minimal and soulful craft is something special and we cannot wait to hear his EP which is set to come out toward the end of November.

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