Spooky Treats for the Halloween Weekend!

“Heartbreaker” by Down North, Jimmy James

Full of vigor, this rock/soul/bluesy tune is everything I didn’t even know I needed today! Stellar vocals and musicality, this is the anthem for all those who have been hurt by someone and then needed to dance it out afterward. (What, like you don’t anger-dance when you’re going through something?) The bridge really makes a sharp left turn towards “groovy” with the organ and classic guitar solo. This song has so much going on and none of it too much! It’s the perfect blend of old and new, a true, sublime mashup of genres, and it’s just downright fun. There’s nothing scary about this song… though, it could be argued that it’s scary good!

“A Feeling with a View” by Lucy Daydream

This song really jumps from the get-go with a great vibrant guitar. Her vocals are smooth and dream-like. (See what I did there?) Overall, it’s a great song to turn up to 11 and just let it take hold of your soul. It’s the kind of song that gets in there and makes you feel like you’re floating. Lyrically, it’s a telling story about starting over and it’s a concept that’s so relatable, it’s spooky. Ironically, this is the type of song that would do well on the soundtrack of a darker drama (like a tv series or movie). I’d be down for that!

“Night and Day” by Vök

Pop gold in the making, Vök really expands upon the genre with this gem. The wanting and needing of another person is a tale as old as time, but this song delves deep into the concept swimmingly. The chorus really drives and her vocals really ignite. It’s a ghostly and mysterious journey.

“Boogy Man” by Inkblot Astronaut

The title says it all… this song is a supernatural treasure! “You’re gonna be mine tonight.” – And I totally believe it! This song is boisterous in all the best ways, raw rock power, and vocally delicious. Love the drum/guitar strum interludes in between the chorus and verses. This is the song to lead the way into the Halloween weekend. Full of fear and excitement. I love it so much, I cannot lie! A spooky treat for all to enjoy!


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