A Near Perfect Playlist For All

Layer Cake – “Keep Me Awake”

Wow, this is exactly the sort of tune your life needs right now. The quirky and energetic Aussie rock band tread Arctic Monkeys territory but in a more playful way. Layer Cake are fun and clever, but also have a remarkable talent for catchy hooks and melody. With an enduring pop backbone, the rock style is understated but also found in near perfect measure. The end result is a track that will reverberate in your eardrums long after your final play.

TV ME – “Circuits”

This one is delightfully difficult to categorize. With shades of electro, mixed with psych folk, and even a little lounge singer for good measure, “Circuits” is a pop tinged experiment that hits fantastically. English artist Thomas McConnell’s project is something odd enough to be fascinating but accessible enough to reach a wider audience. This is his talent. The piano that holds the track together is a gentle nod to his musical prowess and strength. We totally dig this track.

The Blue Winter – “Alive”

We have a definite fondness of bands like Manchester Orchestra. Readers will not be surprised that we fell immediately in love with The Blue Winter. Sharing vocals and introspective lyrics similar to Manchester Orchestra, the project of Aaron Troyer fires on all indie laced cylinders with “Alive”. “Writing songs has always been a passion of mine, and I get especially excited about songs like ‘Alive’,” says Troyer. “This is the kind of song that for me as a songwriter just kind of came out and I didn’t have to think to much to shape it. It just had a flow from the very beginning and everything – words, and music just fell into place. Listening back to it, I thought about that, and it seemed like an obvious choice to be the debut single.” The band will be working towards an anticipated full-length release in the near future. We cannot wait.

FINN – “Godsend”

The three brothers that make up these Canadian rockers gel perfectly with band chemistry. Their sound is tight and plays beyond the mere time they have played together. Their EP is an expression of varying styles and influences, with “Godsend” being catchy, poppy, and elegantly crafted. With each listen, we noticed different moods and choices that make the track much more involved than we initially realized. This band is sharp and has a bright future. Singles like these are hard to craft but easy to listen to. We think you will definitely agree.


If you are looking for a great undiscovered talent, and to subsequently make your friends think you are much cooler than you really are, then look no further than Toronto’s MONOWHALES. Their name alone gives you indie cred but after one listen to the energetic indie darlings will solidify your fresh status. Known for their great live shows and DIY spirit, the band recently spent a busy summer touring and working with producer AL-P (Death From Above 1979). This might be a band you want to keep an eye on. They are good enough to earn a few spots on your much coveted playlist and will more than likely continue to pop up on various tastemaker’s radars in the following months.

Lunar Landscape – “Les nuits célestes”

The words French Shoegaze Instrumental do not typically find their way into our playlists together, but this band is incredible for a variety of reasons. Their building rock style hit us immediately but the heart behind their instrumentation was what kept us listening and intrigued. Coming across more than a few pure instrumentals every week, it is difficult for this genre to keep listeners attention. Many have a way of wandering without boundary or direction. The strength of Lunar Landscape is their ability to know which limits to push and which to adhere to. Their new album is out now and we highly suggest you give it a listen.

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