4 Singer-Songwriters to Help Heal Your Soul

The weather changing lately has caused a plethora of new feelings and thoughts. And sometimes life just goes by so quickly that it’s impossible to see all the joy, blessings, and general awesomeness in everything! (Yes, even all the bad bits.) The world we know now can be a bit off-putting and a lot of people are downtrodden. I know I definitely am! But one thing that helps save me and bring much-needed perspective is music. It’s why I do what I do. It’s why WE do what WE do at Ear to the Ground! The help lift spirits through the unmistakeable healing of music. Here are four singer-songwriters who helped induce some of that healing in myself this week.

“Lost Sparks” by Canyon City

When I hear a song that’s so peaceful and downright pretty, I close my eyes and breathe it in. This song was no different. Take that breath; coupled with poignant lyrics, beautiful vocals, and gorgeous BGVs. It’s a wonderful tune about loss and how sometimes all we have left of our fire are lost sparks. As sad as that sounds, it’s also encouraging. I want my spark, nay, my fire back. We all do!

“June” by Maria Kelly

In the first moments of the song, the ethereal guitar and vocals are so unbelievably and profoundly beautiful, that I instantly had a reaction so deep that my breath caught. “I’m tired of trying to be alright…” Golly. If that isn’t a lyric so laced in reality, then I don’t know… I just don’t. It’s wonderfully nuanced, yet musically simple. Lyrically it’s deep, yet still relatable. And vocally, it’s soft and tender. The final chorus with the layered BGVs is just completely gorgeous. It all really is!

“Alignments” by Paige

Loving yourself is not easy. Even the most confident person will fall down. Ms. Paige has written a song, staged with the simple acoustic guitar, that’s so truthful and honest that it makes you actually take the time to think. Truly think. We cannot blame other things, or the “alignments” for the bad days. Are we doing it to ourselves? We have to learn from the falling and love others before ourselves. Gosh, it’s a wonderfully written song. Her voice is serene and welcoming as well.

“Afraid” by Weather the Boy

Will we ever figure out this thing called life? Probably not. So let’s all listen to or make music about it! “What makes you afraid?” As we get older, searching for meaning, it can seem like we will never escape the void of it all. This song is very telling and sentimental, but it’s also sort of fun! The guitars and drums are almost jovial and the vocals are lively. The juxtaposition of this to the lyrics is interesting and ducky. Yep, ducky. I like things that are ducky.

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