2 Tuesday Songwriters You Need To Hear

Mike Edel – “31”

Your 30’s are strange. You feel old but still young. It’s a paradox. Songwriter Mike Edel superbly captures this tension in his new single. With an engaging piano and catchy melody, the artist brings listeners into his world in a way that feels authentic and vulnerable. This track, along with his new album, is produced by former Death Cab For Cutie’s Chris Walla. You can sort of tell too with the way the track unfolds musically. It is both uplifting and melancholy in a way that is endearing.

Daniella Mason – “Public Places”

The Nashville pop songstress has been drawing tons of comparisons to artists like Robyn and Maggie Rogers and for good reason. Her hooks and indie pop exploration is refreshing while still relatable to lots of different listeners. “Public Places” will be part of one of four EP’s she is set to release this year as part of a project to highlight four states of humanity: Emotional State, Physical State, Mental State, and Spiritual State. The first one is set for release in October and is sure to win more than a few listeners over.

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